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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Terms and Conditions for Shipping

Margot Cormier Splane, hereafter referred to as the ‘Artist’, and or her assistants, will pack all artwork very carefully with padding, packaging, and or crating depending on the size, to insure a safe arrival. The Artist has shipped artwork to many different countries, and has considerable expertise in this area. That being said, there is no way guarantee there will be no loss or damage due to shipper errors.

If a Hand Pulled Serigraph is damaged in transit, it can be returned to the Artist at the purchaser’s expense, and a replacement serigraph will be sent back to the purchaser, at the Artist’s expense. If a painting is damaged in transit, depending on the extent of the damage, a discount can be offered, or the painting can be returned to the artist at the purchaser’s expense, and a full refund, minus the Artists full shipping and handling costs, will be offered.

Any import taxes or duties which may apply to countries outside of Canada, are the responsibility of the purchaser. If the purchaser wishes to insure the artwork while it is in transit, obtaining this insurance is the responsibility of the purchaser. If there is loss or damage, the purchaser can then make a claim on the artwork, with the insurance company. After an insurance claim has been paid to the purchaser by the insurance company, the Artist is resolved of further financial responsibility or obligation to the purchaser. Please use the contact link on this website if you have further questions.