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Political Stripes

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2014     4 x 3”    10 x 7.5 cm     Hand Pulled Serigraph     19 Stencils     Edition 51  A.P. 5    

It can sometimes be difficult to listen to politicians speak if you have done any research on the topic they are speaking about. There is a natural tendency to slant a speech in the direction of your beliefs, but some politicians go so far over the top, that if you have independently researched the topic that they are discussing, and are familiar with the facts, it can literally be jaw dropping to listen to them spread a thin veneer of truth over a bubbling cauldron of omission.

This Serigraph Has Participated in the Following International Exhibitions

‘Worldwide art, color and meditation’, Kulturbunker Cultural Center in Cologne-Mühlhei, Germany 2015
35th Mini Print International of Cadaques, Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaques, Girona, Spain   2015