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Globe Trotter

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2011     5 x 7”   13 x 18 cm   Hand Pulled Serigraph    16 Stencils   Edition 43   A. P. 5        

Globe trotter is the parent of “Pandora’s Trojan Horse”. I actually created 8 other paintings and serigraphs featuring “Pandora’s Trojan Horse” before I created ‘Globe Trotter’, which may make the parentage confusing for some, let’s just say I get to use my artistic license to justify the time line, (that is a handy thing to have). As I was originally working out this piece, ‘Globe Trotter’, and was brainstorming and trying to figure out if I could make this work as a composition, the phrase ‘Trojan Horse,’ popped into my head. Humm, I thought, the threat hidden within. This was followed quickly by Greek mythology, then the name Pandora. Pandora was the Greek goddess who opened a jar, inadvertently releasing all of the evils into the world. When she realized what was happening she slammed the lid back on the jar, trapping one last item inside, ‘hope’.
“Pandora’s Trojan Horse” seemed like a perfect analogy to what was going on with Global Warming, and Climate Change. Globe trotter was put on a shelf for a couple of years, because I had to move forward with “Pandora’s Trojan Horse”. Eventually however, I decided that this original kernel from which my series sprang was worth revisiting.