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Pandora’s Trojan Horse Likes it Hot

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2020     29 x 42”     73 x 106 cm     Acrylic on Canvas
The catastrophic forest fires we are hearing about so often in the news recently are not solely caused by Climate Change. Like almost anything the situation is nuanced. We are increasingly moving our homes into forested areas, and often not allowing smaller, more controlled fires to burn off the naturally accumulating deadwood on the forest floors. However, there is absolutely no question that years of drought, and record heat waves caused by Climate Change, have contributed greatly to the unprecedented catastrophic nature of many fires today.  
“Pandora's Trojan Horse; Exploring Issues around Climate Change,” is a series that grew out of a love of this wonderful planet we call home, and fear for the future of its Climate. The Horse draws inspiration from Greek Mythology, the goddess Pandora opened a jar and released all of the evils into the world. The Trojan Horse represents a threat, hidden behind the benefits of industrial expansion. The devil’s horns, cloven hooves, and tail as well as a map of the world complete the facade of this magnificent Horse Chimera, which on the outside looks wonderful. But like the lure of unrestrained industrial growth, Pandora’s Trojan Horse brings with it a hidden risk.