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Pandora’s Trojan Horse Asks; “What Global Warming”

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2009     11 x 19”      28 x 48 cm       Hand Pulled Serigraph   25 stencils     Edition 54   Artist Proofs 5

The glacial ice sheet in Antarctica, contains 70% of the fresh water on earth. As glacial caving, (massive chunks of ice breaking off from the thick ice sheet that covers Antarctic) continues to increase because of climate change, the subsequent melting of these icebergs will cause sea levels to rise. This will not only cause catastrophe in coastal regions around the world, but some low lying countries could be completely covered by water.

Although there are still a few paid lobbyists and people with an interest in maintaining the status quo, who claim not to believe in climate change, I would put them in the same box with the flat earth society people. 

This serigraph has participated in the following International Exhibit;

Repressed V: Free to Speak, Gallery 5, Richmond Virginia, USA 2010