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When I Jump Up They All Make A Funny Noise Ahhhh…

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          2000        8 x 10"        20 x 24.5 cm        Hand Pulled Serigraph      Edition  51    A.P.  7

We were out whale watching off the coast of British Columbia, and our boat got really close to the whales. They were breaching, showing their dorsal fins, one or two even poked their faces out or flipped their tails at us. It was almost as though the whales were performing, encouraged by our exclamations of delight.  At one
point though, I wondered if they were toying with us. Due to regulations the tour boats are not allowed follow the whales, as this might interfere with their normal behavior, so the boat operators talk back and forth on their C.B. radio's, and try to figure out where the whales are going, then move their boats around to that spot.

When the boats all got to their designated spot and switched off their engines, the whales poked their heads out of the water looked at us, and suddenly changed directions, I almost thought I heard them laugh.