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Mom Is Really Tired, Lets Go Cheer Her Up

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          2000     7 x 9.5"    17 x 24 cm      Hand Pulled Serigraph       Edition 53  A.P.  7

I have learned, the hard way, that there are certain things best left unsaid to your children. Phrases such as "Mom is really tired," or "mom is not feeling well, please go play quietly," are prime examples of things you should NEVER say to your children. It is a sign of weakness, and they rise to the occasion as though you have issued them a personal challenge. They seem to sense that something is terribly wrong if mom is just lying there quietly, and if they can just get a reaction from you, (it doesn't seem to matter if it is positive, negative, or whimpering,) they will have done their bit to aid you on the road to recovery.