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If I Had Wings

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1985     16.5 x 10.5     41 x 26 cm       Hand Pulled Serigraph     Edition 15   A.P. 17

After I graduated from university I found myself a studio and managed to scrape together enough money to set my self up to do serigraph prints. I unpacked all of my new equipment, put my high tech screen together and suddenly realized that my supplier had not included the adapters which clamped on to the screen. Thinking this was a simple over site I called and asked him to send me the adapters. "Oh I can't do that," he said, "I sent all of the adapters I had to an important customer." After an angry call to his supplier I did get my adapters and proceeded to do this print inspired by an urge for revenge on my supplier. Actually the guy turned out to be very nice when I got to know him. He even bought one of my prints to give to his bride as a wedding gift. Yep, it was this one, and no, I never told him where the inspiration came from.