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Please Do Not Flush

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1988        30.5 x 41.5       76.5 x 104 cm        Acrylic on Canvas    

Growing up on the coast I had a real appreciation for the beauty and vastness of the ocean. Every few years however a controversy would arise over some city or industry, dumping raw sewage or industrial pollution into the ocean.
I can remember having a discussion with the head of a power plant once. He was frustrated because I wasn't getting his point. "As I have been saying," he explained, "the amount of pollutants we release is technically not a problem. The smokestack we have built here is one of the highest on the eastern seaboard. The pollution goes into upper air currents and is dispersed over a vast area, in essence it disappears."
I must be really dense because I still don't get that, however I know some people do. They apply the same strategy to ocean management.