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Pride of Place

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2016    18 x 24”    46 x 61 cm    Acrylic Paint & Serigraph Collage

I had a number serigraphs, which were flawed and so did not make it into an edition, but I was somewhat reluctant to just through them in the garbage. They were all cut into smaller pieces, and I wrote the word dud on them, so they could never be mistaken as part of an edition. I have up until now, mostly given them to people as thank you cards.
My Pandora’s Trojan Horse Series was really quite an intense undertaking, involving a great deal of research, both for the artwork, and for the write ups that accompany each piece in the series. Towards the end of this series, I got a very strong urge to just play with paint, focus on the fun part of creating and minimize the research and work part. So I bought some ready-made canvases, cut out some interesting bits of discarded serigraph, and I am now having fun creating these Acrylic Paint and Serigraph collages.  
The ‘Abstractions on Reality’ Collage ‘Pride of Place’ is a painting with serigraph pieces collaged onto it from the Serigraph ‘About the Pride.’