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Polar Opposites

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2019    25.5 x 31.5”     65 x 80 cm      Acrylic on Canvas

It is really difficult to watch as self-serving, short term thinking, politicians and industry executives still continue to fight to prevent action on Climate Change. I do not think history will judge them kindly. We have a looming deadline we have to act within to prevent, possibly catastrophic Climate Changes to our weather. It becomes more obvious each and every year, that our collective failure to take the necessary steps to reduce greenhouse gasses, is having a very real and devastating effects on our changing weather patterns and intensity.
The Polar Bear and the Penguin, are the poster animals for the North and South Poles, where the planet is warming the fastest. In order to preserve a sustainable and recognizable future, humanity must act now before we reach the tipping point. There is a cost to transition into a more sustainable economy. But if we wait until after we reach the tipping point on Climate Change, there will be a much higher cost, and our actions will be much less effective. I use to think that we had to act to protect our children, and future generations. That horse has left the barn, we need to act now to protect ourselves. Unless you are very old, and do not care about future generations, this is your problem.