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Hommage to Rembrandt's the Polish Rider

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2017            Acrylic Paint on Canvas      24 x 30”     60 x 76 cm

When I was studying art at University we went on a field trip to New York, to look at classic and contemporary art from around the world. I was blown away by “The Polish Rider” created by the Dutch master artist Rembrandt in 1655. I was recently approached to join a group of Northern Ontario artist for an exhibition idea called “Portraits North of 17”. One of the tasks we were given was to create a contemporary homage to a Rembrandt painting. I was very excited to work with this painting, doing my best to capture the critical elements of ‘The Polish Rider,” but at the same time continuously reminding myself that this was not meant to be a copy. I have done my best to pay homage to the original, and at the same time create an artwork that was uniquely my own.

This painting has been created for a group exhibit called “Portraits North of 17”. Eight Northern Ontario Artists, all north of Highway 17 have been tasked to create several artworks for some joint exhibitions celebrating artists from this region, and their diverse regional perspective.  
~ This is on tour with a group exhibition called ‘Portraits North of 17’,  from 2018 – January 2020