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Fishing Tales ~ Revisited

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1986 and 2021      25 x 37"        64 x 93.5 cm       Acrylic on Canvas

A lot of people have exciting stories to tell you about the one that got away, this fishing art is my story. I was in my twenties, and this bicycle art is a self-portrait of me riding my bike one day, a red Shields, I loved that bike, when something caught my eye. It had been raining hard the day before, and there was a huge puddle in the parking lot in front of Canadian Tire. As I was riding down the street, I came alongside the puddle, and I could not help but notice a young boy of perhaps eight or nine on the other side of the puddle. He was holding a fishing rod and slowly dragging a fish, (no longer among the living) back and forth through the puddle. The fish was hooked onto the end his fishing line, and “it was this big!"
It is not unusual for musicians to reinterpret songs that they wrote and performed years or even decades earlier, so I thought that I would revisit a couple of my old paintings. It has been a challenging exercise, because once I began to add paint to this, the original painting no longer existed, and I was not sure if I was going to improve it, or destroy it. It certainly was an interesting project to tackle. It is good to push yourself outside of your comfort zone every once in a while.