Margot Cormier Splane Visual Artist

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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Pandora’s Trojan Horse – Climate Change Art

Pandora’s Trojan Horse and the Smell of Money

2010 ~ Acrylic on Canvas    

28  x 45” ~ 70 x 118 cm

Artwork & Write-ups

Pandora’s Trojan Horse, is a series of paintings and serigraphs that I am working on depicting this magnificent evil beast, prancing along as he cuts a swath of environmental and climate devastation.  There is no corner of the world, no matter how remote, that has not felt the human footprint.

When I was a child I remember all seven of us squeezed into the family car. As we drove over the bridge by the pulp mill, I always gagged, and my eyes watered. It smelled like everyone in the car had simultaneously passed wind. I would always look out the window at the pulp mill, spewing smoke into the air, and dumping effluent into the river. One day I asked my parents, “What is that terrible smell?”

“That,” they replied with a smile, “is the smell of money.”

This painting has participated in the following International and National Exhibits;

“At the Edge” Juried online Exhibit by Projekt 30, New York, NY, USA    2011

8th Annual Painting on the Edge, International, Federation of Canadian Artists, Vancouver, Canada   2010

SCA’s 42nd Open Juried Exhibit, National, Papermill Gallery, Toronto ON, Canada    2010

This painting has been reproduced in the following book;

International Contemporary Artists, Vol 1, ICA Publishing,  New York, NY and Athens Greece, Copyright 2010