Margot Cormier Splane Visual Artist

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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Reality with a Twist Statement

Wild and Domestic Horses let lose in a Pyramid

Reality with a Twist ~ Artist Statement

Creating art is not only something that I want to do, it is something I need to do. My artistic inspiration often comes from an irritation, a little grain of sand that I ruminate over, and like an oyster I try to turn this irritant into a pearl, or in my case a work of art. I often deal with weighty topics such as climate change and social injustice, I feel the need to explore and deal with topics that I am deeply concerned about. At other times I enjoy letting my sense of humor take over. I also deal with things I see or feel in my everyday life, a story from the news, exploring art from the past, a historic event, or an amusing anecdote. Any of these sources can move me esthetically and germinate into an idea. I call my style ‘Reality with a Twist’, because it is very realistic, but unlike anything you would ever see.

Once inspired I begin to research a topic, and try to figure out whether I can work this ‘inspiration’ into an artistic composition. The people and animals in my art are like characters in a drama, each has a role to play, but more significantly the final composition has to feel right. Through my art, I am able to share my acrylic paintings and hand pulled serigraphs with an audience, and expose them to my slightly cynical view of the world, injected whenever possible with a sense of humor. The satisfaction I get from completing a work of art is a necessary part of who I am.