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this art has an underemployed dog drawing a sheep so that he will be able to herd it

Under Employed Border Collie

 2005     5 x 6.5"  13 x 16.5 cm     Hand Pulled Serigraph    11 stencils     Edition 60   A.P. 7

 I took an interesting photo of my dog Laika playing with a stick and it kind of looked like a dog drawing because of the way his paw was curled around the stick. This happened when I was photographing him for another piece of border collie art. A few months later, during the winter the temperature was dipping into the –30’s, and we were not getting the dog out for his regular exercise. Most of his outside toys were put away so that they would not get buried under the falling snow and lost for months, and the inside toys were just not enough for him. Our dog was becoming very restless and destructive. Being a border collie, Laika was bred to herd sheep, and these dogs need a lot of exercise. My husband and I were looking at our hyper dog, and my husband said, “What we’ve got on our hands right now, is an under employed border collie.”
That was the inspiration for me to create this serigraph of my dog drawing a sheep. I simply took the stick he had been playing with in the photo I had taken earlier, replaced it with a pencil, and had him drawing a sheep, so that he would have a constant companion to keep him busy. 

This Hand Pulled Serigraph has participated in International Exhibits based in;

 Artists Choice' Open Federation of Canadian Artists Show, Thomas Nicola Shuswap Chapter; National 2011
The Open Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham, England 2008
The Fifth Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition, Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC Canada; International 2008
21st International Exhibition on Animals in Art, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA, 2008 ~ Won Annual Bulletin Award
National Women’s Exhibition Spring 2008, Impact Artist’s Gallery, Buffalo, New York 2008
Hand Pulled Prints International XIII, Stone Metal Press, San Antonio, Texas, USA 2007
Graphic and Drawing 2006, Waves Art Gallery, Pune, India 2006
5th Lessedra World art print Annual Mini Print 2006; Lessedra Gallery; Sofia, Bulgaria 2006
Every Picture Tells a Story, Northbrook Public Library, Northbrook IL, USA 2006 ~ Won Viewers Choice Award
Magnitude Seven 2006, Manifest Gallery, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA 2006
8th Annual Small works Exhibition, Attleboro Arts Museum, Attleboro, Massachusetts, USA 2006
Artist and the Animal, Lyme Art Association, Old Lyme, Connecticut, USA 2006

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