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Everyone is Beautiful in Their Own Way, this is Happy Art with Zebras

Everyone is Beautiful in their Own Way

2020    18 x 24"   46 x 61 cm    Acrylic and Serigraph Collage

 I was painting this playful collage with zebras as the world was still moving up the Covid Curve. I did feel lucky because my kids made it home at the time, so we were all together as a family. Still, I really felt like seeing some people and hugging them, probably because I knew I couldn’t. This painting is meant to be happy art, with the goal of making people feel better, especially people who were living alone during the shutdown. It is sending out a heart hug for anybody and everybody who needs one during challenging times.

This Serigraph Has Participated in the Following National Exhibit

‘Beauty in the Time of Carona’, Temiskaming Art Gallery Virtual Juried Exhibit, Hailebury, ON 2020

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