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I Heart the Planet

2019         3 x 8”      8 x 20 cm         Hand Pulled Serigraph         13 Stencils         Edition 100      A.P. 4

'I Heart the Planet' was created to become abandoned art. It is an Environmental Art Projects to encourage people to think kindly about our home, the Planet Earth.  

This Project is temporaly on hold due to Covid 19

 The inspiration for ‘I Heart the Planet’, an environmental art projects, was a direct result of dealing with multiple Climate Crises, on the way to my Art Exhibition called ‘Pandora’s Trojan Horse; Exploring issues around Climate Change’ in 2019. It was an odyssey in Climate Crisis, on the way to an Art Exhibition about Climate Change. This really strange and disturbing coincidence caused me to think, on a very deep level about what I as an artist could do about Climate Change. I pondered this dilemma for some time. I was already creating artwork based on my concerns around Climate Change, but I was preaching to the converted. How could I take a positive message outside of the gallery setting. I was not a celebrity with a large public voice, I couldn’t write a song that people would listen to. Then it occurred to me, as an artist, and even better, a printmaker, I could create an edition of 100 Hand Pulled Serigraphs called ‘I Heart the Planet’, to be abandoned in an act of hope. With the help of family and friends, the entire ‘I Heart the Planet’ edition would be part of a project of abandoned art. These 100 original prints would be left at public locations in Canada, and around the world. No prints from this edition would be sold by me, or for me. The hope is to inspire others to treat our home planet with love and respect. My wish is that some of the ‘I Heart the Planet’ Art will be taken into the public buildings, where they have been abandoned. Or that some of the serigraphs taped to lamp poles, or bridges, or near a tank, find their way into the homes of Climate Activists, who are asked to earn this artwork through the smallest act of kindness towards our home planet.

I Heart the Planet; Drop off Locations so far...

37. Drop off city Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Left by Margot

36. Drop off city Calgary Zoo, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Left by Margot
35. Brackett’s Landing Park, Edmonds, Washington State, USA, Left by Sue

34. Oxford Circus with the Christmas lights, London England, Left by Alex
33. Drop off city Nanaimo Airport, Cassidy, British Columbia, Canada, Left by Eric

32. Drop off city Roberta Bondar Place, Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada, Left by Margot
31. Palace of Versailles, Paris, France, Left by Blair & Kathy

30. Place des Arts de Hearst, Hearst, Ontario, Canada, Left by Margot
29. Toronto Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Left by Margot

28. Michigan Iron Industry Museum, Negaunee, Michigan, USA, Left by Margot
27. Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Left by Margot

26. La Rambla, a famous tree lined Street in Barcelona, Spain.  Left by Blair and Kathy
25. The Pirate’s Path, Harbour Grace, Newfoundland, Canada.  Left by Todd

24. Medicine Hat College Community Center, Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.  Left by Margot
23. Permanent display at Createhive, New Sudbury Centre, Sudbury Ontario, Canada.  Left by Sam & Mat

22. Glenora Ferry, Glenora, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Phil
21. Powassan Community Centre, Powassan, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot

20. Global Strike for the Future, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Alexa
19. East Polk Heritage Center, Fosston Minnesota, USA.  Left by Margot

18. Devils Lake Chamber MVD Tourism, Devils Lake, North Dakota, USA.  Left by Margot
17. Wolf Point Museum, Wolf Point, Montana, USA.  Left by Margot

16. The Convent Country Inn, Val Marie, Alberta, Canada.  Left by Margot
15. World Waterpark, West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Left by Margot

14. Fort McMurray Oil Sands Discovery Centre, Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada.  Left by Margot
13. Saskatchewan Legislative Building, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Left by Margot

12. Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum, Brandon Manitoba, Canada.  Left by Margot
11. Terry Fox Memorial, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot

10. Centre de Loisirs, Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot
9. New Ontario Brewing Co., North Bay Ontario, Canada.  Left by Mariette

8. At the Tank, Haliburton, Ontario.  Left by Margot
7. Dunes Beach, Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot

6. Hidden Goldmine Bakery, Madoc, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot
5. Tim Hortons, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot

4. Tim Hortons, Huntsville, Ontario.  Left by Margot
3. Northgate Shopping Centre, North Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot

2. MacPhersons General Store, Kenogami, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot
1. Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre, Timmins, Ontario, Canada.  Left by Margot

The Climate Odyssey I ran into on the way to an Art Exhibition about Climate Change

This Art Happening called ‘I Heart the Planet’ Project, is inspired in part from a Climate Odyssey involving 3 separate Climate caused road blocks on the Trans Canada Highway, on my way to an art exhibition for my series “Pandora’s Trojan Horse: Exploring Issues around Climate Change,’ at a gallery in New Brunswick. The first detour on the Highway was caused by an accident due to a late April Snow storm near Kenogami, Ontario. By itself this was not too unusual. The second detour from the Trans Canada was at Deep River, Ontario. The actual highway was washed away due to extreme flooding in a nearby river. That night, we felt lucky to obtain the second last room in a Quebec hotel packed to capacity with flood victims. The next day we passed numerous boats being towed down the highway. This was unusual for that early in the spring. Later on the news we saw this ‘boat type’ being used to rescue flood victims. When we got to New Brunswick we passed a fork in the highway leading to Moncton. It was closed due to flooding, the third block in the Trans Canada Highway we had passed in just two days. Lucky for us we were heading to Westfield near Saint John, so this time we did not have to detour. As we neared the cottage we would be staying at, fortunately situated on high ground, we were driving past sandbagged houses, and then a compound full of army rescue equipment, moved in to help flood victims. At the same time as the flooding in Ontario Quebec and New Brunswick, there were raging ‘Spring’ forest fires in British Columbia. Climate Change felt a little too real, and a little to right now, on this journey to my art exhibit about Climate Change.

To see ‘I Heart the Planet’, being created by hand, as the image slowly builds up in 13 layers, go to my YouTube video by clicking this photo link

I Heart the Planet and myself at the Tyrrell Museum

'I Heart the Planet' cannot be purchased, it can only be found by chance and earned through an act of kindness towards the Planet