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Cute gecko artwork with a rainbow coloured stone wall representing the cultural mosaic

The Rainbow Mosaic

2017     11.25 x 19”     28.5 x 48 cm     Hand Pulled Serigraph     23 Stencils    Edition 55     APs 4

This cute gecko artwork has a rainbow coloured and Inca inspired, stone wall. The rainbow represents lgbtq2 advancements, and the cultural mosaic represents the tolerance that modern just societies should all aspire to. With bumps along the way, many societies have slowly been making changes to become more inclusive and fair. There is still a long road ahead, but it seemed like we were going in the right direction.

This Serigraph is a result of my frustration with the increase in hate speech in the news, and on social media now, riding in on the coat tail of someone called Donald, who lives in a White House. It is discouraging to see intolerance and hate, becoming so prominent once again. I guess it we look hard for a silver lining, it would be that so many people are now standing up when injustice occurs, and saying this is not okay. Everybody has to be treated with fairness and respect.

None of the geckos are a solid color, but instead represent all different shades of people from white to brown to black, and every combination in between. All of the Geckos are touching each other in a show of unity. The Rainbow Mosaic celebrates peace, love, and tolerance between all races, all religions, all genders and all sexual orientations.


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