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... and Your Stripes Look Stupid Too

... and Your Stripes Look Stupid Too

 2014   11.5 x 19”   29 x 48.5 cm   Hand Pulled Serigraph   16 Stencils   Edition 56  A.P. 6

For the love of God you fight…Really?
There is so little difference between us, people all over the world are almost exactly the same. Some people have a different skin color, or a different religion, or grew up on a different side of the border, or with a different amount of money. Under the skin we are all the same. Everybody needs to come to the table with a fresh attitude and make more of an effort to get along. There is a better way.

This Serigraph Has Participated in the Following International Exhibition

‘Painting on the Edge’, Federation Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 2015

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What’s green, fuzzy, and if it fell out of a tree, it would kill you? A pool table.
Joke, thanks to bored panda dot com.


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