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Global Warming Sucks

Global Warming Sucks - Humorous Art Paintings

 2012   11 x 19”   28 x 48.5 cm   Hand Pulled Serigraph   20 Stencils   Edition 56  A.P. 6

The issue of Global Warming is alarming. The Inuit who live in the northern most inhabited stretches of Canada have been noticing a gradual warming of the climate and thinning ice in the Arctic for decades. This has more recently been on an accelerated trajectory, with open water appearing earlier in the spring, and in places where it has not been ice free before. Southern animals such as bees and grizzly bears are being seen for the first time in northern latitudes. We are all in for a period of adjustment, Polar Bear Swim… anyone?

This Serigraph has participated in the following National Exhibit;

Transitions; Federation Gallery, Vancouver B.C., National, 2013 * FCA 3rd Prize Award

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We have a genetic predisposition for diarrhea. It runs in our jeans.
Joke, thanks to bored panda dot com.

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