Internationally Award Winning Artist

Wolf standing

Nature Abhors a Vacuum

 2010   19 x 12”   49 x 30.5 cm   Hand Pulled Serigraph   24 Stencils   Edition 51  Artist Proofs 6

 The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle is credited with being the first person to coin the phrase “Nature Abhors a Vacuum”. It means that if a space or niche becomes empty, something will move in to fill the gap. I am having a little fun by taking an alternate interpretation on ‘Nature Abhors a Vacuum’, with the wolf standing next to the vacuum cleaner, clearly showing his contempt for the foreign object.
The wolf is an important keystone predator, maintaining an ecosystem in a natural balance. Keystone animals are often, but not always predators. If a keystone animal is removed from an environment (causing a vacuum), some animals may initially appear to be doing well, but the environment is unstable. Herbivores will grow in number, and eventually overgraze certain areas causing environmental damage. The wolf drawing on its importance in maintaining a good predator prey balance, plays a key role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

This serigraph has participated in the following International and National Exhibits;

SCA Members Juried Exhibition, Joseph D Carrier Gallery, Columbus Centre, Toronto, ON (National) 2013
Fall/ Winter Show, The American Juried Art Salon, Plano, Texas, USA, 2013-14
The "Iosif Iser" International Contemporary Engraving Biennial Exhibition, Art Museum Prahova County, Ploiesti, Romania 2011
"On the Scene" S.C.A. Juried Exhibition, Leighton Arts Centre, Calgary AB, National 2011 * won an Award of Merit
National Women's Exhibition Spring 2011, Impact Artists Gallery, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A. 2011 * won an Honorable Mention


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