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Pandora’s Trojan Horse running through water with the rise of Atlantis behind it

Pandora's Trojan Horse Visits Atlantis

 2011     28 x 45”    70.5 x 114 cm     Acrylic on Canvas

Greek legend has it that the Island of Atlantis sank into the sea and disappeared. I have painted Pandora’s Trojan Horse running through water, with waves breaking gently on the shore. A peaceful scene, in which Pandora’s Trojan Horse represents a clear and present danger. Behind it you can see the rise of Atlantis, but wait, is that Atlantis rising, or is it some of the world’s most iconic land marks sinking? If you live in a place called Atlantis you might want to consider moving to higher ground.
During the mid to late Cretaceous Epoch there was a massive inland sea that covered much of North America. It was up to 600 miles (970 km) wide and almost 2,000 miles (3,200 km) long. Some of the reasons we no longer have a Sea in the middle of the North American Continent are a result of geological actions in the earth’s tectonic plates. But the main reason is that the climate was much warmer during that time, and there were no major ice sheets at the poles. The sea level was an average of 325 feet (100 meters) higher during this warm period in earth’s history. Because of the cooler climate today, there are massive ice sheets that cover the land and extend out into the water in much of the Arctic and Antarctic circle. In the Antarctic alone today, the ice sheet varies from 1 to 3 miles (2 to 4.5 km) in thickness. This is solid ice covering a continent twice the size of Australia! As the climate warms, these ice sheets are melting and shrinking. Even a small scale melting of these massive polar ice caps will alter coastlines around the world.

This painting has participated in the following International Exhibit

"Fear IIX" Projekt 30, Online, New York, NY, USA 2014
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