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Serigraph printmakers artists create an image in layers using stencils, which are transferred onto edition papers by pulling ink through the stencil openings.

This lion art has parents and a baby lion in a close family group

About the Pride

 2006      12 x 19.5”    30 x 50 cm      Hand Pulled Serigraph      12 stencils      Edition 57   A.P. 7

In this lion art work, I have used my artistic license to create groups that include parents and baby lion families, because as an artist I can do anything I want to, in my art.
Lions are the most social of all cats, however in reality, they hang out in Prides rather than in family groups. A pride could technically consist of two males and two females, and their cubs, but generally it is a larger group of related females, with two or three males, and their offspring. The average lion pride size is about fifteen, but the numbers can vary from three to thirty animals. When they are not hunting, loins just hang out together relaxing, groom each other, or sleeping, while someone keeps an eye on the cubs. I would really love to do absolutely nothing for about 20 minutes, after that I think I would get bored.
I have incorporated African inspired art around the perimeter of the serigraph, because it seemed like the right artistic setting to put my pride of anthropomorphic lions into.

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