Internationally Award Winning Artist

This mackerel tabby cat jumping down has completely missed the bird which is flying up

"Oops!" or "Phew!" Depending on your perspective

 2006    4.5 x 6.5”   11.5 x 16.5 cm     Hand Pulled Serigraph     20 stencils     Edition 60  A.Ps. 6 

It is fascinating how the exact same event, can be viewed completely differently by different people. This mackerel tabby cat, was hoping to catch a bird, the bird was hoping to not get caught. With the cat jumping down and completely missing the bird, this is not a good outcome for the cat, but it was a completely awesome outcome for the bird. We all bring our own unique set of circumstances, and our own individual perspectives to the world, and to the events which occur in it.

This Hand Pulled Serigraph has participated in International Exhibit based in;

6th Lessedra World art print Annual Mini Print 2007; Lessedra Gallery; Sofia, Bulgaria 2007

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