Internationally Award Winning Artist

The Tipping Point

Polar Opposites


2019     25.5 x 31.5”     65 x 80 cm     Acrylic on Canvas

The Polar Bear and the Penguin, are the poster animals for the North and South Poles. These areas of extreme cold, are where the planet is warming the fastest. While at first glance this might seem like a good thing, the plants and animals of the extreme north and south have evolved to thrive in these harsh environments, changing their environment causes complications with how they can obtain their food, thus endangering their survival.
Even housing for people living in the far north is under threat as the Climate warms. Many homes and public buildings are designed to sit in permafrost. As the temperature warms, the rock solid permafrost is melting, and houses and public buildings are shifting.
In order to preserve a sustainable and recognizable future, humanity must act as soon as possible, before we reach the tipping point on Climate Change. I use to think that we had to act to protect our children, and future generations. That horse has left the barn, we need to act to protect ourselves. This is your problem, if we all work together, the problem is solvable, and the best time to start making changes is now.


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