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Who am I

Who am I

2018     18 x 24”      46 x 61 cm      Acrylic on Canvas

I created this ‘Self Portrait’, for a traveling group show called ‘Portraits North of 17’. I would not have done this on my own, as I do not consider myself an interesting enough subject, however to be part of this group of artists, it was a required task. I thought about what to paint for a long time, and in the end decided that I did not want to create a portrait of just what I looked like physically, but rather a portrait of who I am. The building blocks that make me this version of myself.
I like light sky colours, so I decided to use this as a starting place for the background of my portrait. I was still struggling with how to complete the rest of the background, when I looked at the photograph of a sky that I was using. I had taken the photo on a trip to New Brunswick, the province where I was born and spent my formative years. There was a wonderful ribbon of highway at the bottom of the photo, and I decided to incorporate this piece of New Brunswick into my painting, thinking this is a fitting place to stand since both myself and my entire family were born there.

This toured with a group exhibition called ‘Portraits North of 17’, from 2018 – January 2020

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