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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Zheetah enjoying a good Stretch


Acrylic on Canvas ~ 2018

25 x 37” ~ 64 x 94 cm

White cheetah are rare, but they do exist… just not with zebra stripes. Cheetah colors can vary but generally they are golden with black spots.

This is a cheetah, but instead of the normal cheetah markings, it has the black and white stripes of a zebra. The cheetah is a colour void, while the background is a colour explosion.


There are two hearts in this painting. I needed to put them there, but at the time I was not sure why. A couple of days later, I was looking at the painting and the reason why I needed them clicked into place. Our amazing dog Laika had died a few months earlier. He is represented by the darker empty heart. The smaller paler, full heart represents our adorable new puppy, Varney. At the time I painted this, we had picked him out as ours, but he had not yet come home with us, because he was still too young.