Margot Cormier Splane Visual Artist

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Internationally Award Winning Artist

The Politician


Hand Pulled Serigraph ~ 16 stencils

2009 ~ 5 x 6” ~ 13 x 15 cm

Edition 60   Artist proofs 6

This weasel art is meant to be political satire. It features a weaselly politician standing behind a podium giving a speech.

This is political satire, and I am using the long tailed weasel in this artwork as my animal of choice, because it has a reputation for being ‘weaselly’. It is a stand in for a specific top politician in a country I will not name out of an abundance of digression. Artistically I enjoy using animals, such as this weasel art, as a way of making a point, but one that is meant to entertain, rather than to offend.

I sometimes wonder how much better the world might be today, from almost any angle, if the inspiration for this piece had not been elected. Out of respect for the office, and in the spirit of discretion, I shall identify my source of inspiration for this serigraph only by his first name, George.

Update; Who knew, who knew, that 9 – 12, years later, that there would be a man lived in a house that was, maybe white, that would make George look, well, not quite as bad. I did not see that coming.


This serigraph has participated in the following International Exhibit;

International Juried Fine Art Competition, Red River Valley Museum, Vernon Texas, USA 2011

9th Lessedra World Art Print Annual, Lessedra Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria 2010