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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Pandora’s Trojan Horse Takes up Swimming


Acrylic on Canvas ~ 2020

29 x 42” ~ 74 x 107 cm

This protest art features Pandora’s Trojan horse with blinders.Pandora’s Trojan Horse swimming down flooded roads is on the surface cheerful, but with a note of alarm about the looming Climate Crisis.

This seemingly cheerful painting featuring Pandora’s Trojan Horse swimming through a flooded street, is part of my bait and switch art philosophy. The funny street signs are meant to be amusing, but at the same time to make a clear point. This series ‘Pandora’s Trojan Horse; Exploring Issues around Climate Change’, uses Pandora’s Trojan Horse, as a symbol of the top down indifference that has allowed Climate Change to happen, even as we are watching it unroll in slow motion. This series initially explored issues that were causing Climate Change, and it has now evolved to explore the consequences of our inaction.

The one in a hundred year flooding event from a few years ago, is now dwarfed by the current flood. Homes reconstructed to withstand the ‘new normal’, are destroyed when the ‘next’ new normal, comes along. Pandora’s Trojan horse swimming through the flooded street draws attention to the ‘new normal’ that we as global citizens will have to deal with moving forward. Insurance companies have figured this out, there are homes and cottages that have been in families for generations, which are no longer insurable against flooding, because the land they sit on is now declared to be a flood zone. We are late to the game, it is now time to start carefully considering the results of our actions, and our inactions, they do have real world consequences.