Margot Cormier Splane Visual Artist

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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Pandora’s Trojan Horse; Headshot


Hand Pulled Serigraph ~ 19 Stencils

2021 ~ 6 x 4” ~ 15 x 10 cm

Edition 60, artist proofs 5

Pandora’s Trojan horse portrait   features a horse with devils horns and a corporate brush-cut

This Pandora’s Trojan horse portrait is me playing with my own favourite Chimera. ‘Pandora’s Trojan Horse; Exploring Issues around Climate Change,’ is a series of artwork that I have created, exploring many different areas of concern I have about Climate change.

Pandora’s Trojan Horse, is both an excuse to depict one of my favorite animals, and a really neat animal to depict prancing playfully through some pretty heavy topics. The devils horns, tail, and cloven hooves, represent evil, the corporate hair cut represents malevolent corporate players, and the map of the world on Pandora’s Trojan Horse’s coat represents the fact that Climate Change is Global. This horse headshot however, is just Pandora’s Trojan Horse’s on a day off kicking up his heels and taking a break the worries of the world.