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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Global Warming Sucks


Hand Pulled Serigraph ~ 20 Stencils

2012 ~ 11 x 19” ~ 28 x 48.5 cm

Edition 56, artist proofs 6

Global warming memes features husky sled dogs swimming in water while pulling a sled and driver. Humorous take on a serious topic.

In this global warming meme the sled dogs team are pulling the dog sled with a musher, as they swim through the water past some fish.  Yikes, should that be a kayak?!

It was fascinating to look at hundreds of pictures of sled dogs when I was doing research for this huskie art work. Some of the racing dog teams today contain a variety of different breeds, not just the traditional malamutes, huskies, or Samoyed dogs. That is because teams of racing sled dogs, just need speed and endurance today. After the race is over many dogs head back to a home further south. The real sled dogs have to be tough enough to handle an Arctic winter.

The Inuit who live in the northern most inhabited stretches of the Arctic Circle have been noticing a gradual warming of the climate and thinning ice in the Arctic for decades. The warming is happening more quickly at the poles and it is on an accelerated trajectory. Open water in the Arctic and Antarctic Ocean is appearing earlier in the spring, and these oceans are freezing over later into the fall and even early winter. Glaciers are melting in places that have not been ice free before, in some cases revealing unknown Islands. This global warming meme is both humorous, and scarry.


This Serigraph has participated in the following National Exhibit;

Transitions; Federation Gallery, Vancouver B.C., National, 2013 * FCA 3rd Prize Award