Margot Cormier Splane Visual Artist

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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Denialists discuss alternate Truths about Climate Change


Acrylic Paint & Serigraph Collage

2017 ~ 19 x 25” ~ 48 x 64 cm

A fox rat weasel and snake discuss alternate Truths about Climate Change in an abstract painting dripping with gold

The jury is not out on this, Climate Change is real. I moved to Northern Ontario 20 years ago, in that very short amount of time there has been a noticeable change in weather patterns locally. With clearly vested corporate interests on one side, you will never get a unanimous consensus. It defies logic to give the 3% of scientists who deny Climate Change, often paid by corporations who have a vested interest, equal weight with the 97% of Scientists who are alarmed or very alarmed about the looming threat of Climate Change. This is after all the only planet that we and our children and grandchildren have to live on. There is no Planet B.
The snake represents Trump, who is wilfully ignorant, and randomly creates his own unique and self-serving set of ‘alternate facts’.

This Painting has participated in the following International Exhibit;

2018 Painting on the Edge, Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC, International