Margot Cormier Splane Visual Artist

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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Why are we all so Angry!?


Acrylic paint & Serigraph Collage

2017 ~ 27 x 33″ ~ 69 x 84 cm

Dystopian art with different colored zebras fighting under monetary and religious symbols. A dog and a penguin look on discouraged.

This is my reflection on the Trump Election. Down to the bottom of my toes, I do not understand the sense of entitlement, the complete disregard for the environment and Climate Change, and for the humanity of the ‘other’ displayed by that group of privileged billionaires. Even more, I do not understand how anybody who is struggling to get ahead, or Christians, or females, or anybody who thinks they might get sick someday, could vote for him … I just can’t understand where his support comes from!

Maybe if we all went out and hugged a Trump supporter, made them feel included and loved, we could break this crazy spell.