Margot Cormier Splane Visual Artist

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Internationally Award Winning Artist

Tyranno Rooster


Hand Pulled Serigraph ~ 15 Stencils

2020 ~ 3 x 4” ~ 8 x 10 cm

Edition 60, artist proofs 6

Are chickens dinosaurs? No but prehistoric birds are directly connected to dinosaurs on the family tree.

The prehistoric birds ancestor, was a dinosaur. When I was a child I liked to read about dinosaurs. Archaeopteryx was discovered in 1861, and no, I was not a child then! Archaeopteryx was the first feathered dinosaur ever found, but paleontologists were very clear, these prehistoric birds were not actually birds, they were dinosaurs with feathers. Dinosaurs went completely extinct, it was at one time thought, and no one knew what birds evolved from… Even as a child I thought there might be a connection here that was being missed…

Are chickens dinosaurs, no. But Tyrannosaurus-Rex is on the same branch of the evolutionary tree as todays chickens.
With later information it was discovered that Dinosaurs are not Extinct after all. I have created this serigraph as my artistic interpretation of a prehistoric rooster commenting on the idea that dinosaurs went extinct. Living dinosaurs today, also known as ‘Birds’ would say, “What do you mean we went extinct? Our ancestors had wings and feathers, and could glide. Sure, it wasn’t exactly like us but come on, you couldn’t see the resemblance?!”

Guess that puts the, ‘which came first the chicken or the egg,’ riddle to rest once and for all. The egg wins by over a hundred million years!

This serigraph has participated in the following International Exhibits;

2023 42nd Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Galerie L’EtangD’Art, Bages, France
2022 42nd Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Taller Galeria Fort, Cadaqués,Spain
2022 42nd Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Wingfield Barns, Wingfield, Suffolk, UK
2022 42nd Mini Print International of Cadaqués, Fundació Tharrats d’Art Gràfic, Pineda de Mar, Barcelona Spain
2021 International d’Art Minniature, Diffusion Culturelle de Levis, Levis Quebec, Canada
2021 Annual International Mail-in Art Exhibition, Federation Gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada
2021 Internationale d’art miniature’s 11th edition, Centre d’exposition Louise-Carrier, Ville-Marie, QC, Canada
2021 The International Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2021 The International Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak, Kazanlak, Bulgaria