Internationally Award Winning Artist

Margot’s Paintings and Serigraphs can be viewed under the top link 'Artwork', or under 'Purchase' in a smaller more scrollable format. To learn more about Margot’s 'I Heart the Planet' art project, an endeavor to abandon original art in the hope that it will make people think about how much they Love our Planet, click the ‘I Heart Planet’ link.

About Margot and her Art

Margot Cormier Splane is proud to be a member of the Canadian artist community. She is among the visual artists showcasing Canadian artwork around the world. Margot has participated in over 130 International Exhibits in 16 different countries, and she has won 15 awards for her artwork at International Juried Competitions. Margot also participates in numerous National and Regional shows, and she has shown her artwork in more than 40 Solo Exhibitions. A complete list of all of these exhibitions, and awards, can be seen under the ‘Exhibits’ link.

Margot’s Paintings and Serigraphs are art with a message. “An incredibly important aspect of my art is the privilege position it gives me to share my views with an audience. I believe it is more effective to draw people in with whimsical or humorous art, and then present a serious topic, than it is to hit them over the head with something, and have someone walk away irritated.”
The kernel of inspiration for Margot often comes from the news, or other events that are happening around her. Her art tells a story that is often portrayed by animal characters with human personalities, but occasionally people get to play the lead role. Margot is often compelled in her art to deal with topics that she has a deep emotional connection to, such as concern over the environment, the way truth is played with by politicians and those with power, and over issues around social injustice. Although Margot frequently deals with serious issues in her Paintings and Serigraphs, Humor is a common thread that runs through much of her Artwork.