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About the Pride

About the Pride

Abstractions on Reality Statement

Despite the fact that I have worked in a highly realistic style I have at the same time always been drawn to abstract art. Especially abstract art with points of focus and attention to composition. I am drawn to the textures, and the gestural freedom, and randomly placing something on a painting just because it works there. In subtle ways these elements have occurred in my art for a long time, however I am now making this the focus of my creative expression. I am forcing myself to work outside the box, and challenging my comfort level, and whatever artistic direction this leads me on, I feel in the end my art will be richer for the journey.

I have spent the last 6 years largely occupied with what I feel is a very important series, “Pandora’s Trojan Horse; Exploring Issues around Climate Change”. I love the series, and I enjoyed doing the work, but each piece included intensive research into each topic, Climate Change, Rising Sea Levels, Fracking, Tailings Ponds, Arctic Exploration, and many more. My extensive research was done from an environmental perspective, but I also read reports from the industry and government side in an attempt to get a balanced and accurate portrayal for both the painting and the essay which accompanies each piece in the series. It felt like I was spending way too much time paying close attention to accuracy and detail, I needed to blow off some artistic steam. That is where “Paintcation 1” and “Paintcation 2”, came from, a very strong urge to just play with paint.

Right now I am just pushing myself creatively, exploring this new style, with elements of abstraction with paint and adding Serigraph Collage, to see how this influences my creative process. I do not envision myself becoming an abstract artist, however developing some freer more gestural aspects in my paintings, in combination with my realism is definitely an area I want to explore. Paintcation 1 & 2 have already influenced the last two Paintings in my ‘Pandora’s Trojan Horse’ Series, “Pandora’s Trojan Horse Will Have Clean Drinking Water” and “Pandora’s Trojan Horse Follows the Money.” With their gestural, and largely abstract backgrounds.

When I doodle, interestingly, it has almost always been abstractly. Art that works for me, whether it is my own or someone else’s, is accompanied by a warm fuzzy glow that occurs when art comes together just right. I believe this Wow feeling is why most artists create. The warm fuzzy glow is the same for me whether a piece abstract or realistic, it simply works or it doesn’t.