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Political Stripes

Political Stripes

The Hand Pulled serigraph is a printmaking technique which dates back about 1000 years. My entirely handmade serigraphs are created using stencils, and the image is built up in many layers, by pulling ink across one stencil, letting it dry, and then creating the next stencil, and so on until the image slowly evolves over many weeks into a work of art.
“Political Stripes” For some politicians, it can be difficult to listen to them speak if you have done any research on the topic they are speaking about. There is a natural tendency to slant a speech in the direction of your beliefs, but … come fringing on!



Maple Wolf


Maple Wolf

This is part of my new series Abstractions on Reality, which contains Acrylic Paintings, as well as Paint and Serigraph Collages. This series involves painting outside the box for me, and is a big step away from my comfort zone, but it is also lots of fun.

In this collage, I am primarily working with composition and design elements. I needed something to counter balance the Wolf in this piece, after trying several different things, I finally settled on the Maple Leaf.



Pandora's Trojan Horse: Exploring Issues around Climate Change

This is a series of paintings and serigraphs I have created which depict areas of concern over Climate Change and Global Warming. Pandora, in Greek mythology, opened a jar and released all of the evils into the world, the Trojan Horse represents a hidden threat. The devil attributes and a map of the world complete the facade of this magnificent Horse Chimera, which looks radiant as it prances to prosperity, unconcerned about the Climate Chaos it leaves behind in it’s wake.