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We Survived Trump

We Survived Trump


Rats and cockroaches are amazingly resilient. If we are ever faced with Armageddon, I would put my money down on the rats and cockroaches to come out strongly. Unfortunately I probably would not be around to collect on that bet, sad.
The Hand Pulled serigraph is a printmaking technique which dates back about 1000 years, and the overall process has changed little in that time, every step in the process is done by hand.


Keep your Eye on the Ball


Keep your Eye on the Ball

Every once in a while I create an artwork which is just designed to be fun. I really enjoyed working with all the bubble gum colors in this piece.

This is part of my new series Abstractions and Reality, which contains Acrylic Paintings, as well as Paint and Serigraph Collages. This series involves painting outside the box for me, and is a big step away from my comfort zone, but it is also lots of fun.


Pandora’s Trojan Horse will have Clean Drinking Water

Pandora's Trojan Horse: Exploring Issues around Climate Change

This is a series of paintings and serigraphs I have created which depict concerns over Climate Change and Global Warming. “Pandora’s Trojan Horse will have Clean Drinking Water” addresses the current threats to our drinking water from pollution, to permanent loss through the fossil fuel extraction process, to Climate Change. A person can live for about 2 ½ days without water, after that they begin to die of thirst. There really is no other resource as precious for life on this planet as clean fresh water.