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Political Stripes

Political Stripes

The Hand Pulled serigraph is a printmaking technique which dates back about 1000 years. The entirely handmade print is created using stencils, and the image is built up in many layers, by pulling ink across a stencil, and then creating the next stencil, and so on until the image slowly evolves into a work of art. In my serigraphs I am dealing with things I see or feel in my everyday life, a story from the news, exploring art from the past, a historic event, or even an amusing anecdote. These images reflect my slightly cynical view of the world, injected whenever possible with a sense of humor.



Colored Racing Stripes with Ostriches

When I doodle, interestingly, it is almost always abstractly, even though my art has almost exclusively been realistic up until very recently. My Pandora’s Trojan Horse series demanded so much precision and attention to detail not only in creating the artwork, but also the write-ups that accompany each piece, that I think Abstractions on Reality is a sling shot reaction to that intense precision. I really just needed to blow off some artistic steam and have some fun. The warm fuzzy glow I get from creating a work of art is the same for me whether a piece is abstract or realistic, and when a painting or serigraph glows, it feels awesome!



Pandora's Trojan Horse:

Exploring Issues around Climate Change

This is a series of paintings and serigraphs I have created which depict areas of concern over Climate Change and Global Warming. Pandora, in Greek mythology, opened a jar and released all of the evils into the world, the Trojan Horse represents a hidden threat. The devil attributes and a map of the world complete the facade of this magnificent Horse Chimera, which looks radiant as it prances to prosperity, unconcerned about the chaos it leaves behind. Each painting and serigraph in this series has its own write up, and deals with a separate area of environmental concern, but like the environment itself they are all interwoven.